Virtual Remodel

How it Works

Is your listing perfect? EXCEPT for the outdated Kitchen? Let us design the kitchen in 3D and show your potential buyers what this kitchen could look like. Have our rendering in the outdated kitchen at your open house, so they can see the true potential your listing has. You can work with your lender to include this remodel into the purchase of the home. 

Why Do you Need This

With our professional design team, we can get your potential buyers EXCITED about your listing. We will show the true potential your listing has by designing a 3D rendering showcasing the possibilities your listed home has.

Include an in Home Poster 

Increase Buyer Interest

90% of buyers start looking online, where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer’s interest.

Show The True Potential 

Show buyers what the property could look like after a renovation.

Take the Unknown Out of a Renovation

Visualize what a design will look like before renovating.

Design a new look for an old kitchen or bath with 3-D color rendering and approximate pricing. Help prospective buyers see the potential in a home without the time and money required by a full remodel. In-home and online details available for buyers to review potential new designs. Consult with our designers to customize the design for your prospective buyer.
Quick turn-around so the home can be listed quickly.